Boyd Newton

Lead Singer / Owner

Boyd NewtonBoyd started playing guitar when he was 40. Now has multiple students on 9 different instruments. he and partner Larry Welborn have a recording studio together with the "Wild Horse Label" He his wife, Melody and Mother B.B. are co-owners in That Country Music Place which opened in 2002.

Larry Welborn


Larry WelbornLarry played bass guitar with Buddy Holly when he was 16. Played bass on the gold record "That'll be the Day". Played with Waylon Jennings in the Lubbock area when Waylon was working at a radio station owned by Sky Corbin and his brother. He played the Buck Owens show about 6 months with friend Wynn Stewart. He and Buddy opened a couple of shows for Elvis. One at a Pontiac dealership on a Saturday afternoon. He had his own band "Lash Larue and the Lounge Lizards" for a while and played for the Compton Brothers in Nashville where he also played on the Grand Ol' Opry. Kenny Vernon (Merle Haggard's guitarist) and Jack Neal are a couple of other notables that Larry played with. Jack Neal was Buddy's first singing partner. He has been a huge influence on Boyd Newton's musical career and has been with That Country Music Place for over 12 years.

David Welborn

Steel Guitar

David WelbornDavid started playing the guitar at around age 12-13. He plays drums, steel guitar bass guitar and harmonica. He played bass for Jimmy Davis and Tony Douglas and the Shrimpers. he has played for 101 proof and 20X and opened for John Connelly and Tracy Lawrence. He started with Too Long In the Saddle band about 6 years ago and moved to the steel the last couple of years. He plays a mean cross harp and is a true asset to the band!

Marty Hider


Marty HiderMarty started playing publicly at age 15. Was with the Country Explosion band for 10 years. Played for Franklin Lackey's Uptown Country band. John Henley's High Stakes band and Preston Brown. Billy Proctor's Laid Back Country band, Johnny Henley's Borderline band and Charlie King's 2 Lane Highway as well as Tim Redden's Ace in the Hole band. He has opened for Mark Chestnut, Doug Stone, John Connelly, and Sammi Smith. He's been with the Too Long In the Saddle band for about 3 years.

Connie Lockler

Bass Guitar

Connie Lockler

As I grew up, Music was always a big part of my Life. We always had instruments around the house like a Piano Banjo Guitars Harmonica, just about anything you could think of. Dad could play them all. We would have what Dad called “Picken and Grinnins” which would bring family and friends together. We would sing and play for hours. Between Church, School and Family gatherings, Music has always been a part of my life. Morn always took us to Church, so that is where I sang on stage for the first time around the age of 10. Mom got me, my three sisters, and three more cousins together and we formed a Group called “BLUE” We had three-part Harmonies, so for small kids, we were actually pretty good. Church was a big part of my Life. It was very musical with lots of very talented people. Our Preacher BRO AMES, gathered all the singers and musicians, rented Gray Hound Buses, and took us all to Arkansas, and this is Funny - We went to a Chicken Farm, that had a recording Studio – REALLY! We cut two albums. I sang one song with two-part Harmonies with my younger sister Cindy, and one song with my mother Ola. Cindy and I were the only ones that didn't have to do a Re take After I grew up, got married and had my family, I eventually moved back to Durant.

My Uncle Larry Welborn was always getting my sisters and I together to back him up with three-part harmonies. He was such a HUGE factor in my life. He got us all together and started a 50’s band called the Classics - with a side name for the girls: “A Touch of Class” We dressed in Fifties outfits and sang songs like Mr. Sandman, Only You, Sugar Time and White Sports Coat – Many, many more.

He took us to all kind of places, one of which was, downtown Kingston at the Sand Bass Festival. After a while, I came to listen to Larry in the Band at That Country Music Place And of course He wanted to get the Girls to come out as often as we could. Dad even played a few times. Mom also sang on stage doing songs that she had written. After a few months of coming, the Band needed a Base player. Uncle Larry suggested that I learn how to play, so I tried. After a couple practices He said, “You are ready”!!! Saying with a smile and a pat on the back, you can do it, NO Worries!!

Boyd Newton invited me to join the band. I’ve been playing Base there with the band “Too Long in the Saddle” since 2007 Singing Lead on a few Songs, but singing Harmonies with my uncle Larry is “MUSIC” to my ears!! He is just the best. I love it when He asks, Have I told you lately, how much I enjoy your music, and I say only about 14,000 times.
I’m so proud to be a part of the band at That Country Music Place, it truly feels like Home. There's lots of Love, Smiles, and real true Friends.